Typical cuisine of Abruzzo has ancient origin and it’s really in Villa Santa Maria that the first hotel school of the history was born; organized by Ferrante Caracciolo, that called young people of the place in his castle and opened the secrets of his culinary art. Since then chefs of Abruzzo, particulary those from Villa Santa Maria, became famous in the whole world.
The cuisine of Abruzzo gets its products from agriculture, fishing and sheep-farming, this is a proof of how rich and varied is the cooking tradition of Abruzzo.
From the most typical plates of Abruzzo there are “maccheroni alla chitarra”, extracted passing mixed paste of flour and eggs, on to rectangular frame with very thin strings of steel. “Maccheroni” get flavored with tomato sauce and ragout of lamb.
On particular occasions more than 30 mixed courses of meet, fish, pasta and legume follow one another. This custom is called “Panarda” and begins it’s origine in 1800. All the courses are accompanyed with wines of local production.
From the base typical plates of Abruzzo there are: “La capra alla neretese”(Goat made in Nereto traditions), “le mazzarelle alla teramana”,”le virtù”, “la cicerchiata”,”i caggianetti”, “le scrippelle ‘mbusse”, “le fregnacce”, “il tacchino alla canzanese”.