In the plain of Sant’Omero in the edge of Vibrata stream rises ancient church of Santa Maria a Vico, that beeing one of the most old sacred buildings of Abruzzo, constructed before year 1000, kept almost completely it’s structure. Church dedicated to Madonna takes it’s name from Latin “Vicus”, meant like village. The church is divided in a nave and two aisles, every of seven arcades supported by columns, semicircular apse and windows closed with a stone screen,made with open-work technique. On the architraved portal are carved the simbols of evangelists and it is overflowed with a rose-window.Square church-steeple forms unicque group with a facade. The church rises on the ancient temple dedicated to Ercole, that proves craved memorial plaque of y.100 A.D., found near the church and that now is placed inside of it. There is an oath of the congregation to emperor Traiano and a promise to reunite every year in a solemn banquet in the temple of Ercole. From this tradition was born a cultural association “I Cultori di Ercole”, that devote to upkeep and restore the church.”I Cultori di Ercole” are united in the banquet in February and in the first dates of September they celebrate a religious holiday of the church, that provides, besides religious ceremonies, sport manifestations, concerts, typical products degustation and to finish-fireworks.