The stretch of Teramo coast where Tortoreto and Alba Adriatica rise, has a long story, that testimonial the remains of a Roman villa of II century B.C., that are long the ascent, that brings to Tortoreto Alto. Tortoreto Alto is a fortificated medieval country town, with a tight streets, little squares, spaced out by archs, clock tower and fortified tower. Also there are churches of Sant’Agostino, of San Nicola and of Madonna of Misericordia builded in y. 1300 after the epidemic of plague, that keeps inside of it frescoes of Giaccomo Bonfini, a student of Perugino.
Descending towards the sea we find Tortoreto Lido, with 3 km long beaches, that are wide and well-kept, flanked by a cycle – path and by a walking path shaded by palms and pine – trees.You can find smart Liberty villas and modern constructions, surrounded by very well – kept gardens on the promenade of Tortoreto Lido, besides there are many hotels and turistic villages.
Going on the promenade in the north direction immedeately neighbouring to Tortoreto, rises Alba Adriatica, indipended form the city council of Tortoreto from 1956. Alba Adriatica is named “Silver beach” for the color of white silver of it’s sand . Also Alba Adriatica has a cycle – path and walking path, that continue those of Tortoreto, that across a wood brige, connect with paths of Villa Rosa.Besides that, in the Villa Fiore area there is a large pine – wood with many organized places to relax in the shade of the trees.
On the promenade and a little bit inside of the town there are modern hotels, bars and cafè that make summer nights more lively and cool.