Corropoli takes place on a hill, 10 minutes from Alba Adriatica, in a nice position that permits admire wheather a view of Adriatic sea, wheather a view of Gran Sasso and mountains of Laga.
The storic center of Corropoli has all the characteristic of medieval country town yet, as Piazza Piè di Corte with a fountain of Ambrosi in it’s center.
There are many churches and abbeys, as the parish church of S. Agnese that is also the Sanctuary of Madonna del Sabato Santo, near it there is a church steeple of 1400, work of Antonio da Lodi, the convent of Gabbiano and the monastery of Santa Maria degli Angeli.
Has to be particulary mentioned Abbey Celestiana di S. Maria di Mejulano (X century), where a Monday after the Whitsunday inhabitants of Corropoli offered to monks barrels full of wine.
At this occasion in the large square in front of Abbey, were “ludo de le botti”, that involved 10 districts of the place.
In 1983 this tradition was reburn and “Palio”, or a challenge between the districts, is presided by a procession in medieval costumes that cross the streets of storic center, goes till the “Piazza Piè di Corte”, where, in the presence of founders, get marked all the barrels. Then there is a challenge, that consists in rolling the heavy barrels in the established way. Representings of district that make all the way with a minor time win “il Palio”.
Every year “il palio delle botti” is the fair of Craftsmanship, of hobby and tipical plates, that happens the first week of August, recall in Corropoli many visitors that can, in this way admire the art beauty of this little town and at the same time appreciate the quality of wine and gastronomic products.