National park extends for approximately 160 000 mq, for bigger part in Abruzzo, in the provices of Aquila, Teramo and Pescara and for the smaller part in Marche, in the province of Ascoli Piceno, and in Lazio, in the province of Rieti. The mountainous chain of Gran Sasso is the most important, with a top of Corno Grande (2912 m) and at the foot of it there is glacier of Calderone, the most Southern of Europe, and with a plateau of Campo Imperatore at the 2100 m height.
The chain of the mountains Laga presents 2 sides, one side more wet and rainy in the dircetion ti Teramo and valleys of the rivers Vibrata, Salino and Vomano, other side, more dry, turned to west in the direction of Aquila and zone of Ascoli Piceno. The higher top of the chain is Gorzano mountain (2458 m).
Flora of the park is constituted of big woods of beech trees, cherry-trees, maple-trees and small woods of white fir-trees.In the undergroowh there are bilberry-bushes, raspberries and mushrooms.
From the animals that populate park you can find rare examples of wolf of the Apennines, chamois, wild cat, rex eagle and Piligrim owl.
In the park there is a possibility to practise guided trips, that permit to observe the habits of animals in there natural surroundings.In Campotosto you can practise birdwatching.Besides you can practise all the sports of mountaineering, sportive climbing and skiing.